Bridie O'Connor

Bristol based photographer, specialising in still life and landscape photography. I’m particularly concerned with representing socio-economic issues within my work, addressing food poverty in my most recent series ‘Food Bank-quet’.

I work in both a photographic studio environment and on location shoots. At university, I mostly created and styled scenes in the studio. At the moment, I’m working on a documentary project in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, photographing the ever-changing landscape and its people.

Food Bank-quet

‘Food Bank-quet’ concerns the increase in the reliance on food banks in the UK. Within my images, I aim to display disparities in food wealth by contrasting mere sustenance and absolute decadence.

‘Food Bank-quet’ is inspired by all those people whose anonymous poverty, through austerity, has led to their suffering, but also to their daily resilience.

Still Life

Exploring Dutch Golden Age Symbolism, applying visuals of indulgence and excess. More images on my website.

Tinned Soup and Peaches

This series was made in response to the Corona-virus outbreak. The images comment on the surge in the number of emergency food parcels handed out by food banks, the U-turn on free school meals in England and the need to look after the most vulnerable/at risk in our society post-pandemic.