Katie Melvin

Katie Melvin is a 2D animation designer and illustrator who enjoys working in pre-production. She has produced design work for a number of student films and has collaborated in small groups to create 2D animations. Katie has a passion for colour and uses it to create striking designs and storyboards. She use a graphic style to design animations for advertisements and infomercials. Outside of animation, Katie loves K-Pop dance and also primary education which she is studying in 2021. Right now she is enjoying designing products and illustrations for an online shop prototype.

Simply K-Pop

I created a storyboard for an advertisement idea for the music channel ‘Simply K-Pop’.

Tesco COVID-19

I created an animation storyboard, using the original audio, for an infomercial idea for Tesco.

Make it Right

I redesigned the animated parts of the music video ‘Make it Right’ by BTS. I kept the original storyline, but designed new characters and backgrounds.

Online Shop Prototype

I created some products and design work for an online shop prototype.

Pool Party (Collaboration)

I designed some characters for a film idea by Brandon Andika Sunandar titled ‘Pool Party’. Unfortunately the film didn’t go into development, but I really enjoyed working on this.