Miriana Rocchetti

Determined Storyboard artist and illustrator from Italy.You can find them being busy practicing their craft and always looking for self-improvement and challenges.Passionate about animation,film and games.Their background in media studies allows them to be critical of the work they produce, when presented to an audience and the importance of mise-en-scene.They aspire to create moving boards and illustrations.
In their free time they like to be curious and discover more about the world,by reading.

The Last Millenium - Animatic

We are set in dystopian-apocalyptic era. A monk named Conner is praying in an abandoned wooden house. He will soon realise there is no more reason to pray anymore.

The Legend of Romolo and Remo - Animatic

This is an animatic of the renown legend of Romolo and Remo.The story of two brothers raised by a wolf and how one of them ended up being the first king of Rome.

The story of Arlecchino - Animatic

A story of how a little boy managed to have the most unique costume for a school Carnival party, and learnt the power of friendship.

Nox Fighters -Animatic

This is a fake advert ,for a game called "Nox Fighter".Who will win the battle? This is an animatic I created in order to practice my action sequence as a storyboard artist.