Huw Meredith (Nibss)

I am an Illustrator and Printmaker by trade.

I like to keep as much of my process analogue as I like to incorporate the paper texture into my work and embrace any mistakes I make along the way.

I am motivated by wanting to decorate the space around me, I want to draw people in and invite them to look closer into the work, to notice the details and to stimulate imagination.

In my head all my works exist within a fantasy world of my creation, my visual language is very important for this. I like my work to have a dynamic

feel and to have depth whilst still serving as punchy, instantly recognisable graphic design.

My goal is to become an established artists within the industries of Music, Skateboarding, Graphic Novels and Package Design.

Saloon Dion

A poster I did for Output Promotions for a gig happening at the Exchange, Bristol. The graphic for the poster was made through screenprinting

Be Endless

My entry to Voxis(Vodafones) 'Be Endless' competition for young upcoming illustrators.

Sticker Design

This is a screenprint of some original characters, I am going to send these as stickers to skateboarders with good social media followings to put on their skateboards and will be pasting them around the city to expand my outreach.

The pipe works

I have been selling this graphic as prints but may get it printed onto stickers soon.


This piece has yet to see any practical application but I wanted to include it as I think its a very fun image.