Sam Maxwell

I’m an animator and filmmaker currently specialising in 2D animation. In my personal work, I enjoy using mixed media to create textural and visually dense compositions. Beginning my animation journey with the medium of paper cut-out, I always like to include elements of collage, tactility, and physicality in my work, even when creating digitally. This is something I was keen to explore in my latest film ‘Goal Hangin’.

Goal Hangin

Trailer for my upcoming short animated film 'Goal Hangin'.

2022 Animation Showreel

How The CONNECTED Network is Building Capacity in Sub-Saharan African countries

An animated explainer I directed and animated for the CONNECTED network. I completed this project during my second year at UWE and took about two months.

GOODGOODBYE - are you happier now?

A music video I directed and animated for indie band 'GOODGOODBYE'