I am Eve Harris, a Fashion Communication graduate specialising in creative direction and photography. Throughout the course I have self-directed a number of my own projects where I took on the roles of creative director, art director, photographer, stylist, and producer. In my most recent work I created a publication and short film called 'Our Distorted Reality'. This project was based around the time of the pandemic, specifically the lockdowns. I experimented with distorting images through post-production in order to achieve the idea of a distorted reality. I wanted to portray how the lockdowns had a negative impact on

mental health for a lot of individuals. I am fascinated by how you can totally transform images by warping them and experimenting with size and proportion. This is something I would like to continue to experiment with in the future.

'Our Distorted Reality' - Creative Director, Art Director, Photographer, Stylist, Producer

These are images from my publication, 'Our Distorted Reality'. Here, I wanted to portray how a lot of people felt like they were being sucked into technology due to the restrictions limiting how we could spend our time.

Lazy Oaf OafTV Campaign Imagery - Photographer

This campaign was inspired by childhood nostalgia. The content was an ode to the sweets and antics of our childhoods. We wanted this to be a playful campaign to reflect the OafTV collection.

Lazy Oaf OafTV Campaign Imagery - Photographer

For our campaign imagery, we decided to use the location of a sweet shop in the streets of Bath to further portray the idea of childhood nostalgia.

Lazy Oaf OafTV E-Commerce Imagery - Photographer

The E-Commerce for the OafTV collection continued to follow that playful, nostalgic theme from the campaign imagery. To achieve this we included the use of props, such as iconic sweets and vintage TV's.

BRICKS 'Pose and Form' Editorial - Photographer

This editorial celebrated the LGBTQIA+ community featuring models who were all part of the drag community. We paid homage to drag and where it all started, focusing on ball culture.

'Distortion' - Creative Director, Art Director, Photographer, Stylist, Producer

This series of images focuses on distortion and manipulation of the body. I experimented with collaging two different sized images together to create a disproportionate body. I focused on the unrealistic expectations of a small waist, big hips and long legs.