Erin Farmer

Art is how I navigate the world, it sharpens my capacities and tempers my anxieties, and has become the tool by which I strive for community development and social change. I am excited by building relationships, unlikely friendships and searching for the extraordinary in the ordinary. My work is generative; collaboratively exploring themes, issues and ideologies located within a community. As my work develops, it intentionally forms a heuristic space for the emergence of knowledge and the celebration of identity and growth of all involved in the artistic process. The work’s ambitions address issues, implement strategies and through the

exposure of the extraordinary and the celebration of the community, leaves a positive, generative legacy.

DEN: Process (2022)

Single channel video, duration 00:04:39. This time lapse video documenting the collaborative build was screened on a CRT TV built into the sculpture.

DEN (2022)

Archival objects from St Paul’s Adventure Playground and video 340x460x310cm. Made in collaboration with the playworkers from St Paul’s Adventure Playground, Bristol. Individual credits: Ashley Stewart, Raho Saleban, Peter Collier, Lanitta Thompson, Saoirse Dempsey, Mattie Goddard and Heather Wood.

This project discusses art, play and community. Special thanks to the children and families from St Paul's Adventure Playground for the support and development of this work. You have helped me to understand art made socially, publicly and politically.