Erin Hughes

I am a multi-disciplinary artist from Luton who specialises in both digital and oil paintings. My work is often based on mythology and fantasy settings, especially Greek and Irish stories. I most enjoy painting portraits of both real and imagined faces.

I am very much inspired by the pre-raphaelite movement and Victorian paintings in general with their depiction of historical and mythological scenes. Much of my work is inspired by music, film, and video games. My goal is to work in the video game industry as a concept artist, as I love to create characters and worlds that can visually

tell their story. In my final project, I created a basic world build for a game concept.

Harbour Flowers

From my story Cailleach.


The Witch

An oil painting based on the film The Witch by Robert Eggers

Wasteland, Baby! Art Book

An artist book based on the album Wasteland, Baby by Hozier. Handcarved and sewn. Pages painted with gouache