Finley Hunt

Born in Bristol, Fin Hunt was interested in art from an early age. This interest was cultivated, and he was encouraged to study Art and Design at Bath College before studying Drawing and Print at Bristol UWE.

Keen to explore new techniques and mediums, an early influence was Robert Rauschenberg. Fin is inspired by philosophical themes. In some of the works included here, inspiration has been taken from the Greek myths and ideas around the birth of civilisations.

Fin plans to travel in Europe and gather experiences while putting together a portfolio of work and to develop his practice further

by studying for an MA.

Collecting Water

Inspired by the layout of illuminated manuscripts. This is a litho print page design for a forthcoming book.

Collecting Water - Preliminary drawing for altar piece

This is a preparatory drawing for an altar piece that I planned to paint on prepared board for the degree show. The drawing is 6ft by 7ft


Oil on canvas. This is a painting made during my Erasmus exchange in Ghent, Belgium. Inspired by Flemish art in the local museums and churches, I worked on a theme of skulls.

Down by the River

Oil on canvas. Part of my imaginary landscape series of paintings. The painting has been built up by exploring the image without with a pre-planned outcome but instead each added aspect going on to inform the next.

Not Adam and Eve

Self Portrait