Ruairi Madine

Pronounced brewery, but without the 'b'. I take pride in being a versatile and dynamic designer who fits into a multitude of roles and is able to design in a variety of forms. I'm always looking for ways design can influence the world and form a visual narrative. Through speculative design, interactive design or Cinema4D - I'm fascinated with exploring the combination of technology and design in the modern day. Despite this, I still hold my firm roots and foundations in traditional forms of design and print work. My current ambition is to find a home in a small

intimate studio or creative team based in London that I can have a big impact on and grow alongside.

UWE & Minirigs

A competition winning speaker design that aimed to celebrate Bristol by championing the people and the diversity that they exhibit.

Reuse Me Reusable Cups

Reusable cups that are in rotation across many festivals in the UK and Europe. The design incoorporates more abstract recycling arrow symbols, whilst reminding the user of the environmental benefits of the cup with illustrated elements.


My own monospaced typeface call 'Shapes' that explores the different emotions drawn from basic shapes. There are two weights; Sharp & Rounded, each with their own personality.

Shapes & Old Paintings

An abstract publication that built on my own typeface's direction and looked at whether my typeface and shapes could add to or take away from the existing narratives of other paintings.