Imogen Sophia


Hello, and welcome to my world.

The ‘real’ world can be a hard and dark place, so it is my mission to make it fluffy and bright. I am incredibly passionate about tactility, and if a material doesn’t make my skin sing, I tend not to use it. Comfort to me is of the utmost importance, and I explore this in my work through colour, texture and shape. I want to make the world around me soft and squishy because that’s how it is in my dreams.

My work is focussed around character design because I love exploring human characteristics in the form of otherworldly characters. I enjoy turning fact into fiction and twisting the truth.

I live for my work, and I love what I do.

Achievements & Experience

I feel my most notable achievement is holding my first ever solo exhibition at The Stable by Bristol Harbourside at the end of my second year of University. The exhibition was called 'Soft Truths', and it ran for a month. I was incredibly proud of this because a large selection of my back catalogue of 3D work was on display in the heart of Bristol for a whole month. It felt extra special because I'd achieved it before graduating. I loved showing my work to the world in a setting where they could physically interact with it as I stated before, tactility is something very important to me.

Recently I came 4th in my first international mask competition, and I'm currently entered in another with my mask 'INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY' which you can see below.

I received a First Class degree during a pandemic; this is something I am very proud of.


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Featured Projects:


'Shrimpsquatch' is a body of work that follows the lives of Four factory workers from a Seafood factory in Norway who develop respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms after inhaling too much Shrimp shell powder on shift. Their symptoms rapidly develop, and eventually, they become big fluffy creatures - 'Shrimpsquatches'.


This is a body of work focusing on the alienation mothers often experience while breastfeeding in public places. I want to capture some more comical but simultaneously sobering shots in public places in an attempt to break the stigma around breastfeeding publicly.


A comical and positive exploration of how human beings learn to cope with their S.T.I’s (in this case, Pubic Lice) in the form of soft sculpture that can be interacted with as wearable art.


Mabel, the Transgender Woman, is a short project I worked on during Pride Month, and I created her for my friends who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. I wanted to show my support in a unique way, specifically through my artwork. She is now for sale on my website.


An Interactive, Soft Sculpture, Art Toy made as part of my body of work - 'Shrimpsquatch.' More of this work can be viewed both on my Website and on my Instagram.


He’s here to remind you that bats aren’t responsible for COVID-19. They are our friends. Just look at that reassuring face.