Dylan O'Grady


Over the course of my degree I have created several high quality pieces of work and engaged in several projects that I am extremely proud of. These include the creation of a satirical social media chatbot, a disruptive (and quite disturbing) audio collage piece, and a documentary detailing the thoughts of elderly people about media representations of their demographic.

These projects demonstrate my love of several different mediums, all of which deal with themes of social isolation and struggling communication in an increasingly cutoff digital world. My work includes several journalistic pieces including one exploring the challenges of the Bristol music scene in which I've been heavily engaged both as a performer and audience member during my time at UWE.

Achievements & Experience

Aside from my academic achievements during my course, I also received an award from the UWE Centre for Music for achievements in Popular Music which congratulated my support of the local music scene and my engagement with the faculty in several charity events.


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Featured Projects:

Don't stop Me now ... I'm Having a Good Time

A study of representations of older people in the media.

Left, Right, Wrong.

An audio collage exploring the issue of fake news and media polarisation.