Ellis Anastasiades

Ellis Richard Anastasiades is a Photographer, Videographer and Editor currently based in the South East of England. His work often stems from and reflects the unknown or the slightly unhinged liminal spaces that he encounters.

Hollow Veins

North of the Arctic Circle, the Swedish city of Kiruna lives in a symbiotic relationship with the iron ore mine. Without the mine, there's no town. Without the town, there are no workers for the mine.

The mine dates back to the early 1800s and has been excavated ever since. The result of this is hollow ground under the town. This has caused Kiruna to slowly sink.

Roads, parks, houses and businesses will all be demolished and relocated to the "New Town" 3km east. Historical buildings with importance are doing moved on the back of trucks or are being deconstructed and rebuilt in new locations to preserve the history.

The move will take years to complete and work will remain slowly but surely.

Archive Image by Borg Mesch

Archive Image by Borg Mesch