Lottie Tempest

My artwork stems from my appreciation of and fascination with colour. To me it is a living entity that we share every aspect of our world with and trying to figure out the mystery of colour is what really drives my work. My work is an exploration and ‘research’ of colour in general and thus the relationships with itself, its surroundings both within a painting and externally and what affect that has on the viewer, as we each have a universal yet subjective experience of colour. I like to play with pattern and shape to learn how colour can

be manipulated -- and manipulate us and our perceptions of how we see it. Most of my influence comes from abstract expressionism and op art, but I find inspiration from my everyday experiences; the colours of someone’s outfit, graffiti, film, nature.


Acrylic on canvas - 1x1.5m


Acrylic on canvas - 1x1.5m


Acrylic on canvas - 30x20cm


Digital patterns


Digital patterns


Pencil drawing on paper - A2