Lottie Lawrence

I'm Lottie, a Fashion Textiles graduate with a specialism in knitwear and menswear. My work is heavily influenced by the intuitive and emotional responses of myself and the people around me and focuses on exploring the tactile elements of my research through knit sampling. I find traditional menswear and the idea of soft masculinity a great source of inspiration when exploring the subversion of classic knitwear - often using knitted fabrics to create a soft tailored silhouette. My aim is to create garments that are a vessel for expression, that is an ode to craftsmanship and that will be

worn not wasted.

Return to your trees

A woven knit sample knitted in response to "A fire/stove. Coarse woven blanket or similar, with light flickering across it" as a place of Hiraeth.

Return to your trees

A unisex knitwear based collection formed from my research and development for my final major project; Return to your trees.


My intuitive response through painting to the song Sleepsound by Jamie XX.


Knit sampling, development images, draping and tech drawings for the project 'Sleepsound'. This project was my intuitive response to the song Sleepsound by Jamie XX.

Solace in Memory

An exploration of movement and the human form through photography and knit sampling. Focusing on using the jacquard knitting technique.

Parkour this way

An entirely knit based project exploring the use of industrial spaces in Bristol following a visit to the Centre of Gravity at Soapworks in Bristol.