Jessica Kenniford

The systematic flow of continuous swirls of expressive lines that delve into the exploration with the art of becoming fully immersed with the connection of your thoughts. Transpiring through the process of documenting feeling through the repetition of line.

My art explores how sound frequencies can alter our vibration in order to induce documentation of personal expression found in the styles of mark-making and state of mind.

Embarking through this experimental phase of sound I've discovered a fascination with the natural formulations created by the vibrational movement's soundwaves produce. Using the most influential vibrations that are associated with the

transformational effects that they have on humans. Finding sense in the entanglement of the progressive marks influenced and formed by the elongated tones of an analogue synth pad.

Language Through Line

(2020), Ink on Cotton, Dimensions: H 230cm x W 98cm

Language Through Line

(2020), Ink on Cotton, Dimensions: H 230cm x W 98cm


An exploration into the solfeggio frequency 741hz along with a variety of wavetables altered to create a soundscape essence of tranquillity with added elements of intrusive high-pitched soundwaves layered over elongated soft tones.

Sound Performance, (2020)

Visual and sound installation/performance, exploring into the manipulation of soundwaves to influence and alter drawing styles


A variety of waves that transcend the idea of capturing live emotion that allow the progression into fluidity and movement, audio documentation of presence and the ever-changing motion of time.


A forest soundscape of deep vibrations, capturing wildlife and the unsettling growls that emerge throughout the track. This style of sound represents an exploration into channelling nature and the environment surrounding us.