Brandon Puckett

Hi, I'm an Oxford-based designer fuelled by the need to test new ideas and experimental methods. I have a strong passion for 3D-rendered design, VFX, and filmmaking. I try to make my work as visually engaging as possible and attempt to instill a sense of humor and playfulness within my designs. As I progress in my career, I hope to stay curious and exploring new avenues and routes I can engage with my audience through design.

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The Book of Shame

The Book of Shame is a project compiling research to form a visual depiction of Public shame - highlighting the different forms it takes on and how that makes us feel. Content formed from 30 responses.

A day in the life of Bip the Mime

Interpretative brief looking at how I could translate the content from a randomly chosen book and add my own perspective to the content.

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Putting Things In Order

This publication looks at ways people with Autism interact with the world and cope in stressful situations. Featuring three interviews to look at different aspects of the condition. Full version on