John Westcott

My work is centred mainly around people, social groups and communities, uplifting people who my be marginalised in a society. Design for me has been about celebrating diversity and creating educational pieces that highlight the good and bad in our society. I find producing work on people the most impactful and enjoyable because they often have the potential to divide opinion. I hope my work can help change people’s mindsets to what is normal, beautiful or desirable.

BAME on the Frontline

A publication and Instagram campaign based on the inequality faced by bame nurses regarding COVID-19 and the resulting death rate experienced by the bame community in the UK.

Movements of Today

A set of five protest signs in Polish, targeting the LGBTQIA+ free zones. A politically driven piece that aims to tackle the system that oppresses queer individuals. Accompanied with a polish educational poster about positive queer terminology.

Celebration in 3D

A workshop lead project based on the themes of gender, in which the outcomes of the session were turned into poster designs and an instruction flyer based on how to run a gender workshop at home.

The Unconformed

A publication celebrating diversity and non-conforming. Along with a set of four poster designs the photographic project aims to break down social norms that often restrict peoples self expression, and show that difference is beautiful.

The Genderless Guide

A short self-written publication, accompanied with a set of stickers, based on my personal experience with gender. Filled with my own stories and small illustrations the book serves as a guide to help other gender non-conforming men.

In My Head

Working with the organisation FFLAG to create a set of poster designs for schools and an instagram campaign raising awareness for queer mental health and educate people on the support that is available for LGBTQIA+ youths.