Tova Persson

I am a Swedish 2D animation filmmaker, specialising in pre-production based work with a focus on character design and visual development. I love exploring story, and working with humour and versatile characters. With a keen interest in art history, a lot of my influences are drawn from oil paintings and form, something which carries a red thread through my work, and is particularly explored in my film ‘Offerlamm’.

Offerlamm Trailer

Trailer for my film 'Offerlamm'. A sheep writes a letter to his sister whilst being prepared for a sacrificial ritual.

three animal characters, one donkey, goat and bird carrying groceries.

Farmer's Market Characters

Character designs for a Farmer's Market piece.

Prop designs for violins, bows, fish, and lily pads.

Prop Designs for Näcken

Prop designs for a violin for my film 'Näcken', along with fish and lily pad explorations.

Character designs of folklore character.

Näcken Character Designs

Design explorations for the Swedish folklore character Näcken as part of my film 'Näcken'.

collage of illustrations of a folklore horse.

Bäckahästen Exploration

Character design explorations for folklore character Bäckahästen.

collage of three illustrations. One featuring a girl in profile with leaves behind her, a dog with ribbons floating on a cloud, and a goose in dungarees holding an apple.

Illustration Collection

Various illustrations focused on character-based work.