Alec Neil

My name is Alec Neil and I am an artist working with a range of materials and mediums. My work is frenetic and rapid, often overstimulating and intrusive. It aims to abstract the feeling of living in a state of seemingly inescapable rapidity; rapid exchange, rapid change, rapid light, rapid time, rapid sound. It takes form in the coalescence of stillness and motion, the digital and the physical, the virtual and the real, it interplays and fluxes between these spaces and states.

Emitter: Digital Shrapnel

Large-scale, multi-media sculpture, Steel cube frame, live-visuals, laser cut acrylic. With this work I attempted to abstract the process of media's intergration into architecture and urban environments.

nXde_ (digital-object)

Interrogating the distinction between virtual/physical space, can they really be that easily distinguished? Is there not already so much overlap?

Stillness / Fragmentation

‘Stillness / Fragmentation’ is an audio-visual installation designed to explore the disruption of contemplation as a result of technological interference.

Picture Soundtrack - 'Dusk'

Soundtrack reflecting the mood and atmosphere conveyed in the photograph


‘Cracks’ attempts to abstract the phenomenon of the omnipresence of electronic light that now permeates into all spaces.