Charlie Palfreeman

For me, creating films is about capturing memories. Growing up, I'd make short films on family holidays, which we now can hold onto forever. This creative passion for filmmaking continued into adulthood. I enjoy being behind the camera, but it’s in the editing process where I find my freedom, and have the skills needed to make a great final cut.

I work in Premiere Pro, but I’m also learning After Effects to enhance my creativity. My organised workflow is complemented by a balance of efficiency, and also having an eye for the smaller details; which is crucial when

working with large files. I can also communicate well with peers to express an idea, and have in-depth discussions with clients about what they want from a project.

Going forward, I plan to continue developing my editing skills and learning more about the editing world, whilst working in the field.

Editing Showreel 2020

My editing showreel highlighting my work over the past three years.

The Presence of Thin Air

After the death of his fiancee Maya, Owen struggles with living without her. Will he find peace and move on, or will his grief consume him? The Presence of Thin Air is a short-form drama about dealing with grief, and focuses on the mental health issues faced by young men.

Collaborators: Callum Cutler (Writer/Director), Nathan Powles (Sound Designer)

OTR Bristol - Corner Man

This commercial was for the Corner Man project from Off the Record, a Bristol based organisation that aims to tackle mental health issues in young people through different activities. This film shows how boxing can help young men deal with their anger issues.

Collaborators: Robert Mills (Director of Photography)

King Edmund Gymnastics: Elite Squad

This promotional short was a part of a wider campaign to promote the King Edmund Gymnastics Centre in Yate, Bristol. This film followed the elite squad, a group of incredibly talented gymnasts who have won competitions all around the world.

King Edmund Gymnastics: Young Gymnasts

This was another promotional short for the King Edmund Gymnastics Centre in Yate, Bristol. The aim of this film was to show parents the classes that the gym offers for children, and the film follows the journey of a girls’ journey through King Edmund’s.


This short film is a collection of footage from a trip to Spain. The aim of this film was to show the life and culture in the town of Xabia, as well as the environment of the surrounding area.