Daniel Schenck

Throughout my experience in Graphic Design I have had the chance to learn from my tutors, surrounding peers and myself. This development has lead to a specification in layout design and typography that has been refined throughout my 3 years at UWE Bristol. However, my skills remain broad experimenting in areas of photography, motion and branding design. I am inspired by Swiss and minimalistic design, developing my own style throughout the projects I have completed.

During my final year I took a fairly philosophical approach towards discussing humanities relationship with technology. My projects begin to answer the unanswerable and

delve into ideas that are complex and often ignored. I wanted to question what we know and what we often don't.

I am a well equipped designer with skills in communication to approach projects in a more alternative and innovative way.

x! The Equation for Human Prosperity

This publication was created in response to one of the 2020 ISTD briefs. It demonstrates a systematic and mathematical approach to achieving happiness. Through the use of formulated equations, it represents the expectations that are imposed upon us from society.


Climate Evolution Optimists is a collaborative end of year publication project based around the theme of Solastalgia, climate-based media narratives and speculative climate-focused future scenarios. This stemmed from a report evidencing that the Arnolfini could be under 50cm of water by the year 2050.

Collaborators: Emilia Bermejo-Ford (Content creator), Rachel Bonner (Editorial designer), Leah Williams (Social media manager), Samuel Boik (Events manager), Lauren Davies (Director), Marta Celio (Editorial designer), Daniel Schenck (Editorial designer)


Code and pixelated imagery is the way that technology interprets and 'sees' the world. This publication creates a demonstration of it's understanding of the world, not just physically but morally.

Supernova: Observing Space

A short magazine exploring the methods used to observe and comprehend the complexity of the universe towards the discovery of planets, stars and galaxies. From using the naked eye to intricate telescopic technology.


The project derives from a conversation I had with an automated bot claiming to be Jesus Christ. It delves into the topic of religion and technology and their ongoing relationship. The piece is a recreation from the famous painting 'Entombment of Christ' by Caravaggio, demonstrating a more contemporary digitalisation.


A development from my extended study exploring the effects of technology and its ongoing relationship with humanity. The video attempts to demonstrate it's innocence, but potential for power. It summarises that instead, the future of technology must be used as a tool and an aid rather than a crutch.